Paula Sperber

Paula Sperber Carter is a former professional bowler, substitute teacher, and an advocate for children. Her love for bowling is infectious. Paula started bowling at age eleven; she would tag along with her sisters to their bowling class. They would let her bowl one frame when they finished. That was the start of a decades long love affair with the sport. Paula was a tomboy growing up in her native Miami. She lettered in basketball, softball, volleyball, and of course bowling in high school. Bowling is the sport she excelled in, and her parents could see a possible future for her. The older she got, the better she bowled. Paula was helped along the bowling path by many people. Her parents and two sisters also athletic, were behind her 100%. When she was 20, she joined the Professional Women’s Bowling Tour. After a slow start, Paula returned home and decided to work more hours on her game. You could catch her at any center most days or nights. She got herself a bowling coach, Mike Praznovski. Being left-handed as well, Mike took Paula’s game to new heights. That’s why she is a strong believer in practicing and finding a coach to fit one’s particular game.
There were not many tournaments then, but Paula also worked for AMF, conducting clinics and opening centers. She did exhibitions all over the U.S. and Japan, Canada, and Mexico. Her first big tournament win was the 1971 U.S. Open. She won it again in 1975.
Paula married her long time love, Don Carter, in 1976. It was at that time the first Don Carter lanes would open in Tamarac, Fl. Don and his partners built a center a year for 16 years. Paula quit touring to devote her time to the business. Also, around the same time, the Carters bought a home for abused and neglected children, and they gave tirelessly of their time to that organization, The Family Resource Center. Paula was also attending FIU striving to get a B.A. in teaching.
In 1983, life would change for this couple. .They adopted John age 2. A TORNADO, by most people’s description. Since there is a no return policy, Paula and Don worked hard with John. Today, John, is a successful family man and his parents praise the man he has become.
Right now, Paula once again wants to get back into bowling more. She will be giving lessons at Bird Bowl seven days a week if need be. She will work with Mike’s Pro Shop in any capacity asked of her. She will also retain her position with the GMUSBCas an auxiliary member. Come over and meet Paula Carter. She loves to talk about bowling.