As a beginner, trying something new can be nerve wracking.  Paula’s years of skill as a top women’s professional bowler shines through and she will put you right at ease when you enter the bowler’s circle. If you have your own equipment, Paula will make sure everything is the correct fit, weight, and size, to bring out the best game in you.
Looking to buy equipment? Not a problem.  Mike’s Pro Shop is a few feet away and Paula and Mike will find the best possible equipment for you and your game.

Being an intermediate bowler chances are you have been bowling for awhile. You have equipment, you understand the game, but that book average is just not reaching what you want it to be. Come meet with Paula. Go through your equipment. Paula will make sure your equipment is fitted and solid. Go out on the lanes, and let Paula evaluate your game, and she will  come up with a plan of action. Bringing her professional experience to the bowlers circle, her technique is to maximize your game, not change it.

The advanced bowler may gain knowledge of new techniques, types of equipment, and new styles. The advanced bowler may think they know a lot, there is still a lot to learn. Such as;  new positioning on the approach, speed control, different hand releases, and how you read the lanes. You and Paula will evaluate your game, discuss your strengths and weaknesses and address any questions. If any issues arise and Paula doesn’t have the answers, be assured that she will find them for you.

About the Coaching

  • Lesson times and dates depend strictly on lane availability.

  • Please arrive in enough time to prepare for coaching, approximately, 10 – 15 minutes.

  • All cancellations require a two hour notification.

  • Coaching time is one hour or 3 games.

  • Student is responsible for lineage fee.


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